Castle Inn, Castle Hotel

The Castle Inn is seen just inside the inner walls of Rougemont Castle at the end of Castle Lane (now Castle Street) on Donn's map of 1765. See also the Anchor Inn.

Trewman (1816) shows that Henry Lake was resident in the early part of the C19th.

The EFP also mentions a Castle Inn opened by Thomas Langdon (formerly of the Bull Inn) on 20th July 1864. This means that there were at least two Castle Inns in Castle Street at differing times.

The Castle Hotel is not shown on the 1876 map but a photograph shows it in 1937.

The building was destroyed in 1942 and removed in the 1950's to make way for Bailey Street.

The site was developed in the mid 1980's with the addition of the smart looking building at the bottom of Castle Street but was for years a bit of an eyesore. Wooden props held up the buildings in Castle Street.

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Bryce's Mobiad states that Castle Green was an infamous haunt for prostitutes but by 1770, "a very spacious commodious easy road was being made from the High Street up home to the castle"

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