The Bristol Inn

The old Bristol Inn was demolished in 1819 and presumably re-located to the end of Sidwell Street. It was mentioned in the will of John Gandy in 1696.

The Royal Public Rooms or Subscription rooms were built on the western side of London Inn Square in 1820 on the site of the Old Bristol Inn.

The Subscription Rooms became the Hippodrome Theatre in 1908 and later the Plaza Cinema which was engulfed in a fireball during the blitz of 1942.

The EFP recorded a fire at the inn 31st July 1800 with slight damage to the stables.

According to White (1850), the newer version of the Inn was at 95 Sidwell Street and Anna Maria Spreat was resident. The listings accessed by the link below are those of the 95 Sidwell St. version.

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