The Bullers Arms Inn

The Bullers Arms Inn appeared to be a bit cheap back in 1853. The bill for 11 people and a horse for 5 days (accomodation only) back the came to 13.12s.4d. Equivalent accomodation including car parking (instead of the horse) today would cost around 1925.00.

Shown as 75 Sidwell St by White (1850). William Hele was resident and running the pub 1850-1877, followed by Elizabeth Hele 1878-1880, E and George Hele 1881-1890 and AJ Hele 1891-1906 (ExCoin).

Directory Listings.

The Inn was the venue for a proprty sale according to the EFP on 11th June 1818.

The inn also issued checks.

Not known after 1910.

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