Eagle Inn, Talbot Inn, Antelope Inn, Morning Star

The Antelope Inn appears in Pigot's Directory of 1823. It was at 109 Sidwell Street. Resident at the time was T. Binford.

The pub however dates from the early C18th, according to an EFP "for sale" notice stating the Antelope to be at least 70 years old on 3rd May 1804.

This was the first of far too many "for sale" notices.

The EFP (4/12/1856) states that the Talbot Inn was on the same site as the Antelope Inn, suggesting that the antelope had been demolished.

Directory Listings.

Eagle Inn is listed as being at 108 Sidwell Street in 1850 according to Whites Devon Directory. William Batten was resident, however Trewman (1850) lists P. Pinder as resident.

It is also listed by Pigot (1844) with William Batten resident,

A "to let" notice appears for this inn in the Exeter Flying Post 21st January 1840.

T Cooper was resident (1853 to 1854) when checks were issued. The pub closed in the 1850's and became part of The Talbot Inn next door.

The Talbot Inn was at 108 Sidwell Street and is listed by Trewman (1859), Thomas Bazley resident. There are sveral listings for this Inn, in the EFP in the 1860's

The pub issued checks between 1866 and 1868 when T Shapley was resident.

The inn is not known after 1868 (ExCoin) and the directories show no further listings.

However the EFP shows Thomas Baggley resident in 1862, and a Mr Blackmore also in 1862.

The EFP also suggests the inn was also named The Talbot Inn Wine and Spirit Vaults in 1863 and 1865.

The EE describes the Antelope as the same as The Morning Star, which is shown on the O.S. map of 1876. In 1889, Kelly lists Oliver Edward George as resident at the Morning Star, 17 Sidwell Street (after re-numbering). There are no more listings seen after this date.

Besley's directory of 1906 reveals the building(s) to be occupied by George Endacott, Wardrobe Dealer and Co. and Ham and Passmore, Building Contractors.

Originally, these pubs existed singularly, but later became one.

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