White Horse, Eastgate Inn, Exeter Hotel

The White Horse appeared in the Exeter Flying Post in 1787, in relation to William Vallance who was moving to run the Valiant Soldier.

Directory Listings.

According to the EFP it was off Southernhay Lane. It was demolished in 1825 and re-built according to the EFP by Thomas Smale. It was also enlarged. Pigot gives the inn an address in High Street in 1830 but a St Sidwells address in 1823, Thomas Smale reident on both occasions.

By 1850, it was known as the Eastgate Inn, possibly reverting back to the White Horse by 1859.

Trewman's Exeter Pocket Journal (1859) shows Joseph Ware in residence at the White Horse at 90, Sidwell Street. Street re-numbering of Sidwell Street during the 1860's means that No. 90 was close to Eastgate at this time.

The EFP 10th January 1866 carried an advert for a "stock in trade" and "household goods" sale which probably mean't that the inn closed around this time. The advert was referring to the Eastgate Inn.

Confused!! The most likely scenario is that the business moved into new (90) Sidwell Street Premises after 1850 and still carried the two names, possibly a bar on one level and hotel on another! OR these are two totally unrelated Inns with the same name.

It gets worse.

The Exeter Hotel only had a brief lifespan. It is listed at 180 Sidwell Street by the PO directory (1895) with J. Ware resident.

In 1878, White has the place down as a Greengrocer, Emily Williams, and by 1912 (B), the Hotel had gone, William Stiles ran a tailor and outfitting business at this address with 180A being a workshop run by William Northcott.

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