Blue Anchor, The Anchor Inn
The Anchor Inn used to stand about where Renslade House now stands in Tudor Street, also gets a mention in Robert Dymonds paper. Pigot (1823) lists E. Foster as resident with an "Exe Island" address.

White's Devon Directory (1850) lists Elizabeth Page.

Directory Listings.

The inn was the venue for a house sale according to the EFP on 20th October 1796.

The Blue Anchor stood in Exe Island according to Pring, listed in 1833 and also on an inventory of 1844 (same source). Interestingly, Edmund Foster is mentioned in connection with a 99 year lease in 1833. This very same name appears in connection with the Anchor Inn, meaning they were actually the same inn.

He goes on to mention; "It was the annual custom to celebrate by feast Lord Rodneys victory over the french in 1782 and on these occasions it was usual to display a transparency repesenting the event, George Pyne the landlord had his on christened George Rodney in honour of his hero"

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