The Blueboy Inn

The Blueboy Inn according to the O.S. map of 1876 was located in Edmund Street. Pigot (1823) lists Sarah Baxter as resident (Westquarter), however White (1850) lists an address in West Street (close by). William Spicer was resident. By 1897 (Kelly) Mrs Elizabeth Austin was resident.

According to Youings (1968), Thomas Townsend ran the place in 1828, he was a former member of the company of Fullers, Tuckers and Shearmen.

Directory Listings.

There are no directory listings for this pub after 1897.

The place was a bit rough with regular brawls and bare-boards with sawdust (PR Betts).

The inn was damaged by fire according to the EFP 21st October 1863 and was the subject of a "for sale" notice in 1800.

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