The New Market Inn

The New Market Inn is listed in White's Directory (1850) with Edward Perry as resident. The Express and Echo printed a picture on 14th Sept 2004, taken of the regulars 70 years earlier. The pub was still going strong in 1934 and was owned by the City Brewery.

Stillman's (Devon) Ltd

The directories reveal that the pub was up and running before 1844 with an original front entrance at 12 Waterbeer Street. A listing by Kelly (1889) and subsequent listings also give an address of 5 Goldsmith Street suggesting that may be another building was taken over in Goldsmith Street, however the pub was on the corner of GS and WB street.

Directory Listings.

Purchased by St Annes Well Brewery in December 1896 when it had a rear brewhouse.

The inn was closed in 1937 and purchased by ECC in December 1940 and demolished. The picture above shows the replacement building in the mid 1960's occupied by Stillman's (Devon) Limited who were butchers.

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