Barnstaple Inn

The Barnstaple Inn was built in 1769 (Greenaway, 1974) in response to the increased traffic through the northern side of the City after the North Gate was removed.

St Annne's Well Brewery was built on the site of the old stables of the Barnstaple Inn in March 1878. The brewery closed in 1966 and was The Fizgig until it shutdown in 2001. The brewery took its name from St Anne's Well, the City cistern in St Sidwells from which the brewing water was pumped. In 1890 pale ale cost 14d (5.8 pence) a gallon direct from the brewery.

Joseph Ireland ran the place in 1850 according to White's Devon Directory and is seen as one of Besley's (1828) principal Inns. In 1844 it had an address of 6 Lr North Street, but after 1906, it is listed as 14 Lower North Street. Possibly street re-numbering. The earliest listing I found was in 1823, although Pring mentions it in connection with a William Harding buying the Inn in 1820.

It was used by the carrier services as a starting point to at least two destinations in 1852.

Carrier Listings.

J Cridge was publican in 1906 when tokens were issued. The inn closed in 1969 and became a DIY shop before being burned down in the late 1970's.

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