The New Inn, Cowley Bridge Inn

There was a New Inn at Cowley Bridge in 1796 (EFP 21/7/1796) when the landlord William Humphreys held a property sale. Humphreys died in 1816 (EFP 11/1/1816). The Inn was put up for sale according to an Exeter Flying Post advert on 14th April 1844 and 25th January 1849.

The Cowley Bridge Inn was the subject of a "for sale" notice on 26th February 1807, the owner a Mr William Humphreys.

It would seem that the pubs name was interchangeable during the early years most likely favouring the Cowley Bridge Inn after 1814 when the nearby stone bridge was re-constructed.

Pigot (1830) lists a New Inn at Cowley Bridge, John Bowden resident and in 1850, Trewman's EPJ shows William Davey resident at the New Inn.

Directory Listings.

The Inn was bought by Messrs G and C finch in 1879 according to the Exeter Flying Post (13th August 1879). The new owners kept on John Beer as tennant which was quite fortunate because he had just got married according to the Exeter Flying Post 24th July 1878.

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