Red Cow Inn

The Red Cow Inn in Red Cow Village, St Davids closed in October 2002 having lost alot of custom. It was owned by Heavitree brewery from around 1900. When St David's Station was built in 1844, it was proposed that the station was called 'Red Cow' Station after the Pub. The village in which it now stands had previously adopted that name. Some believe that before the building became a pub, it was a convent.

Red Cow Inn 1998

The pub at one time also acted as a toll house with the charges posted on a sign hung on the pub, this was Red Cow Gate. White (1850) shows John Gayler occupant, but in 1688 it was recorded in a survey of City property with the tennant being Joseph Banfield.

The Exeter Flying Post recorded that the inn was bought by the tennant, a Mr Coleridge in 1865 for 1010 GBP

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It is highly likely that the buiding standing at present was a re-built around 1810 with the rest of the row. The pub was actually up for sale on 1st March 1810 according to the EFP.

"The Corps of Constables in the
City dined at Farrant's Red Cow Inn,
when an excellent and well served
dinner was placed before the guests"

Exeter Flying Post, Sept 1835

The vacant plot

The building was demolished in early February 2007.

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