The Falcon, Falkon, Faulcon

The Falcon adjoined North Gate It is not shown on the 1876 O.S Map but was around in 1756 according to the Flying Post. It was also the subject of a "for sale notice in the same rag on 10th December 1773.

It is listed in White's Devon Directory of 1850 and Slaters of 1852. The resident at the time was given as Thomas Dare with a Lower North Street address.

Directory Listings.

According to Besley (1828), it was the place to get a Public Cold Bath.

In January 1784, the lanlord, William Hamlyn was found guilty of "attacking a farmer of Zeal" and was transported for 7 years (EFP 15th January 1784)

In 1852 it was used by Thomas Coles, a Carrier as a starting point for his daily trips to Crediton.

The directory listings above reveal the differing names the pub went under over it's long existence.

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