Bampfylde Arms, Poltimore Arms

The Poltimore Arms stands on the main road in Pinhoe. The directories show a long history, pre-1878 (White). Poltimore is 4 miles north of Pinhoe.

It was a City Brewery pub, leased in 1965 to Devenish Brewery.

Directory Listings.

The manor of Poltimore was gifted to an officer in William I's army, Haimerius Arcis. He later passed it onto the Poltimores. They sold it in 1280 to Simon Lord Montacute.

The manot then passed to William Pointington (a Canon of Exeter) who gave it to one of his pupils, John Bampfylde (1306). Richard Bampfylde built the original mansion in 1550, this was added to and extended by later generations.

The treaty of Exeter was signed at Poltimore in 1646, ending the Civil War.

The Poltimore House Trust currently looks after the estate aided by English Heritage and East Devon DC.

What has all this got to do with this pub?

Well, A Bampfylde Arms is mentioned in Pinhoe by the EFP in 1806 when it was the venue for a sale. It was mentioned again on 13th October 1831, a Mr Watts the proprietor. The same inn I think.

The pub had become the POltimore Arms by 1841, a meeting was held at the inn according to the EFP 4th November 1841.

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