The Red Lion

The Red Lion seen on the 1876 map and also listed in White's Directory (1850) where the resident is seen as William Lovell at 18 Sidwell Street. Besley (1828) also lists the place.

On 2nd March 1815, the EFP carried a "for sale" notice for an "adjoining house". I think I would have left that bit out if I was trying to sell a house!

The lane running parallel to Sidwell Street behind the pub was and still is Red Lion Lane. A courtyard adjacent was known as Red Lion Court.

The pub also appears on an OS map as late as 1932.

Townsend Court is the only court remaining in this older row of buildings at the upper end of Sidwell Street. Red Lion Court and the Inn were probably lost during WW2 and replaced with the more modern buildings opposite the Odeon Cinema.

Directory Listings.

An auction by Mr C. Pridham selling cottages and gardens was held at this establishment on 19th September 1846 according to the Western Times.

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