The Packhorse Inn, The Black Horse Inn

The Black Horse Inn, was at 72 South Street. In 1678, John Barnes (the innkeeper) was executed for holding up the Exeter Carrier at Honiton Hill and stealing 600 GBP.

It was sold by Husseys in 1925, they also held countless Jersey and Guernsey Heffer sales there at least once a year from 1887 to 1901.

Joshua Dennis resided here in 1823 (Pigot) and John Brice was resident between 1870 and 1878 when the pub issued checks.

Directory Listings.

Peter Bond was resident at 62 South Street (White 1850) and John Moorman (Kelly 1897). The pub closed around 1919.

Pring notes that in 1816, the place was lately The Packhorse Inn in the parish of Holy Trinity.

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