The Butchers Arms, Tailors Arms

The Butchers Arms was located in Market Street according to White (1850). The resident was Elizabeth Dale. In 1828 Besley lists it in Butchers Row, resident Eliza Bowdich as does Pigot (1823).

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The pub does not appear on the detailed O.S. Map of 1876 and I can find no listings after 1852.

Butchers Row formed the top end of Smythen Street according to Donn's map of 1765. This was an open air market where livestock was slaughtered in the street. It had to be open-air because of the stench.

The Tailors' Arms appears in White (1850) as being located somewhere in Preston Street. Harry Harris is listed as resident. Also listed by Pigot (1823), Thomas Tothill resident. The pub does not appear on the later O.S. map.

Directory Listings.

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