The Golden Lion, The New Golden Lion

The New Golden Lion in Market Street appears on the map and in White's directory. R. Graddon is listed as resident. Also listed by Kelly 1897, Thomas Gill resident. The inn's earliest mention is 23rd July 1795 in the EFP, when a "for sale" notice appeared, the tennant was William Ellis.

It is mentioned in Trewman's Flying Post 7th April 1831 though there does appear to be some confusion with the Golden Lion in Guinea St.

Pigot (1823) however gives an address of Silver Street, Edward Ellis resident.

Directory Listings.

Became known as the New Golden Lion Hotel after 1889.

A carrier service to Budliegh Salterton was operated by John Austin in 1852 according to Slater on a Tuesday and Friday.

Joseph Hutton then aged 11 was accused of stealing some coins from a relative and later sentenced to death. This sentence was later commuted to "transportation to Australia". Having supposedly taken the coins, Hutton drank at the New Golden Lion in Guinea Street.
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The City Brewery acquired the lease in 1877 and the freehold in 1889. The site was sold to Exeter City Council in 1956, the inn having been lost during WW2.

The Golden Lion is listed as the Old Golden Lion by Pigot (1823) with William Knott resident.

White (1850) lists George Eddy as resident. The pub located in Guinea Street appears as The Golden Lion on the O.S map of 1876. Besley (1828) also lists the pub as the Old Golden Lion with Elisha Channon as resident. Kelly (1897) lists Frederick John Walkey as resident.

A carrier service to Otterton was operated from here in 1852, with John Radford driving the stagecoach on a Tuesday and Friday.

The inn was completely wiped out on 4th May 1942.

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