La Boca

La Boca as you might imagine is not an old pub but does exist in an old building. It opened in November 2006.

By all accounts in 1939 and 1947, St Olaves close did not exist, but St Olaves Court did. This building is an old warehouse that used to front onto the court which was fully enclosed probably reachable through an archway between the buildings. The picture above taken in 2000 clearly shows the old hoisting loft.

Large open spaces and pulleys etc are still intact, and this pub has retained all the old character. In 1960 (K), Tomkinson carpet Manufactures were resident and by 1970 (K) until fairly recently, Morrineau Bryan Ladies hair salon, City Electrical and Isca Tex Ltd.

The tall ceilings are hidden by cloth sails, the floors are stone, the walls brick, typical of warehouses of the time particularly those used to store drink. Large open curved cellars.

Stuart Callon Copyright ©2006