The Oatsheaf Inn

The Oatsheaf Inn stood in front of the original methodist church built in 1813 in Georgian style, but by 1965 it had become unsafe and was demolished. The site was sold to the Musgrove Alley Chapel methodists in 1812 built their church.

One drawback however was the proximity to the Oatsheaf Inn which once stood in front of the church which is set back from the road. The owners of the Inn used to deliberately block an entrance from the Mint Lane with rubbish and carts.

Anyhow a devout methodist, Thomas Rowe put paid to this in 1878 when he bought the lease of the Oatsheaf Inn. After he'd expired so did the lease but his will allowed the church to inherit the pub and demolish it. An Oats market was regularly held in front of the pub until 1783.

An exhibition of art was held at the inn on 7th November 1765 (EFP), with the landlord, John Roberts being fined for a disorderley house according to the EFP 3rd February 1848.

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The inn was of some importance with relation to the carrier services. In 1852, 6 services are listed as starting from here to places north and west of Exeter.

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