The Royal Oak

The Royal Oak appears on the 1876 map and is mentioned by Newton (1968). He states that in 1847 the landlord was assaulted by 2 customers armed with an iron bar. He goes on to say that this type of attack led to the introduction of a policing force.

Earlier attempts at forming a police force had fallen flat because most of the officers were dismissed for being drunk!

Listed by Pigot (1823) and Besley (1828) located in Guinea Street, William Carter resident.

Directory Listings.

John Carter is listed by Pigot (1844) with an address in Milk Street, Slater (1852) again states Milk Street. In 1889 Kelly gives a listing for Guinea Street and George Street. Anyway, the same place all the way through I think!

A "for sale" notice appeared in the EFP on 15th May 1788 giving a Guinea Street address.

A "to let" notice appeared in the EFP on 30th January 1840, giving a Milk Street address.

The inn was purchased by the St Annes Well Brewery in 1821, not listed after 1906.

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