The Sun Inn

The Sun Inn was located in Preston Street and was the subject of a "for sale" notice in the Exeter flying Post, 24th April 1794.

In 1771 a Sunn Inn again featured in the EFP, "house formerly the Sun Inn to be let". It is possible the pub became a private residence for a short while. The other possibility is that the advert refers to a different inn.

It was here where attempts were made in 1834 to form trade unions. Bricklayers were the most militant. On 15th January 1834, 50 to 60 men assembled at the Sun Inn and were initiated into the union. The police were alerted and 40 arrests made. They were bound over and freed.

Listed 1823, Joseph White resident in Sun Lane.

Directory Listings.

Leased by the City Brewery from 1861, the license becoming redundant in 1917. The property was sold in 1940.

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